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A Little Luck o the Irish

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

We were extremely grateful, and I would even say lucky, to get to attend the St. Patrick's Day Trivia Night at the beautiful Timber Rock Lodge on Friday 3/17/2023. And let me tell you, it was amazing! The energy, the ambiance, the wonderful Arts vendors. The atmosphere and the energy was great, everyone was was having fun, and money was raised for our nonprofit. Tables were decorated and the guests came out in their finest green clothes. I swear there was a leprechaun running around somewhere...

I personally want to thank Timber Rock Lodge for hosting this event, which was an Arts themed trivia contest, with 10 rounds of lively madness. Watching the friendly competitiveness of the people involved, the comradery, and the playfulness of the hearts of our community was so fulfilling. Attendees won free books from the amazing Betty Shreffler and Cheyanne Leonardo (who also graced us with some of her poetry). In between rounds, a raffle was held for a free nights stay at Timber Rock Lodge as well as a free massage was given away.

Music by Zeke Harness echoed through the great hall, and the raucous/soothing Irish sounds of the bards Jessica Rash and Ashlee Harness, along with Zeke Harness and Grant Swain, had everyone clapping their hands, and more than a few feet stomping. For a few pictures of this event, go to our page

It was such a joy to be a part of this awesome event, and has me looking forward to all of the other great things ahead.

See you real soon!

President of the Appalachian Society of the Arts

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