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Programs & Services

We are dedicated to driving the Arts forward and bringing together a community of artists, for personal and economic growth. Through Arts representation, entertainment, and learning, we believe that the soul of the people can come together to create amazing things!

Our Programs

We offer services  from our 4 programs, including classes, exhibitions, performances, and festivals, as well as a robust focus on learning through our Arts Education program.

Michelle-Daughter 3.jpg

Performance Art Program

Music, plays, performances and more are brought to the forefront through our amazing Performance Art program!

Puppet Class 2-12 15.jpg

Visual Art Program

From photography, to painting, encompassing the digital to the brush, our Visual Art Program is where it is at.

LTPS 2_edited.jpg

Literary Art Program

Poetry, prose, , and reading are a cornerstone of not only our Society, but society as a whole!

Lisa Dewyngart Bowl.jpg

Bowl by Lisa Dewyngaert

Folk & Cultural Art Program

The heart of any community is its culture, and the preservation of its heart is in its Folk Art.

How We Help

Education & Training

Each program offers classes in each of their domains, free or low cost, with make and take, or make and donate opportunities.

Performances & Exhibitions

Entertainment is a premium thing in communities, and we believe it brings our communities together to enjoy the fruits of our Artists creativity!

Youth Development

Our Junior Board is an opportunity for youth to take part in the business of Art through volunteering and engaging in a wonderful cause.

Art Supplies

Struggling with high costs of supplies should never be a reason for anyone to be excluded from self-expression. Free and low cost art supplies will be available to our community!


Want to be heard? We want to get the word out! We promote all local artists on multiple platforms.

Grants and Advocacy

Funding opportunities are available and we seek out grants to provide more opportunities for our community to engage in Art than on an individual basishe 

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