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Who We Are & What We Do

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 The ASotA, in partnership with the community, works to enrich the quality of life for people of all ages by providing educational opportunities, presenting art forms, promoting artists and art groups, and guiding advancement of the arts.

We seek to empower artists by encouraging arts advocacy, fostering creativity and economic vitality, creating diverse connections and collaborations, and championing innovation and equity within the arts to cultivate a dynamic community.


We endeavor to ensure access to the arts for all ages, ignite a passion for the arts, and successfully advocate, partner, and collaborate with individuals from all over the state dedicated to the arts to cultivate new economic and community growth.

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We believe in art for all - everyone deserves equal access to a full, exciting, and imaginative life, which is vital to a growth minded society.

We believe that our communities can be strengthened and transformed by working collaboratively and creatively together.

  • We believe in the fundamental value of the arts. The arts foster civic engagement, promote economic growth and enhance social empathy which holds a vital role in nurturing and sustaining flourishing communities.

We believe that the arts communicate, conserve, and maintain our shared stories and values.


Meet the Team


Ace Glaspy



Ralph Trieschmann

Vice President

Ashlee 2.jpg

Ashlee Glaspy

Secretary/Director, Performance Arts


Sharon Leonardo



Jessica Rash

Director, Arts Education


Jacob Boshears

Director, Arts Education


Grant Swain

Director, Performance Arts


Zeke Harness

Director, Performance Arts

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Tracey Stansberry

Director, Plateau Players

Dawn Mitchell

Director, Folk Arts

Kevin Terry


Leaf Pattern Design
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