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Junior Board of Directors

The Appalachian Society of the Arts is proud to offer our Junior Board of Directors program for high school age youth who want to get involved in creating arts programs and events in their community. Our goal is to cultivate the next generation of arts leaders and provide a platform for them to make a difference. We encourage all interested students to apply and be a part of this exciting opportunity to grow and develop their skills while contributing to the arts community.

How you will make a difference

Be a part of the change

Appalachian Society of the Arts’ Junior Board program is an amazing opportunity for young individuals who want to make a difference in their community. Through the program, Junior Board members are empowered to build their leadership skills, business acumen, and advocacy ability, while partnering with our organization, local businesses, and other nonprofits to create innovative programs. We hope to inspire our members to improve the world through arts and cultural development. 

Our Junior Board is an essential part of our team, providing innovative, youth-led initiatives that showcase emerging talent and foster creativity. With the support of our dedicated professionals, they use their voices and skills to create programs that are important to them and their peers. Join us in supporting the next generation of artistic pioneers by participating in our creative programs and initiatives.

  • Opportunities

    • ​Mentoring by business professionals

    • Earn community service hours

    • ​Learn professional etiquette

    • Learn about nonprofit executive board membership 

    • Attend Board meeting and using their voice in the community

    • Receive public recognition of membership

    • Potential for letters of recommendation

    • Collaborate with the Executive Board of Directors

    • Present the Junior Board opportunity to key community stakeholders

    • Active consideration for scholarships

    • Opportunities to see that the funds of our organization go to programs you are passionate about.

    • Opportunities to earn Awards for exemplary service

  • Development of important professional skills

    • Administrative​

    • Time management and organization

    • Networking

    • Critical thinking

    • Fundraising

    • Communication

    • Public speaking​

    • Teamwork

  • Development of critical leadership traits:​

    • A Growth Mindset

    • Problem-solving

    • Strategic thinking

Benefits of joining

Creating Banners

How it works and 

Youth Counseling

Each JB member will be nominated and elected much as a normal board member is, and will be permitted to mentor with the committee of their choice. While JB members do not receive a vote on the decisions of the board, they have the opportunity to have their voices be heard. As members of our community, they will act as liaisons with their peers, volunteers, and representatives of our organization. As such, we require the following from each of our JB members:

  •    A student at a high school within our service area.

  •    Members of the community with good moral standing-

  •    Be of good moral and ethical standing  

    • No juvenile criminal history

    • Good educational standing

  • Recommendation from a board member or leader in the community (such as a teacher)

  • A passion for the arts

  • Attendance of at least four board meetings a year (virtual or in-person)

  • Leadership qualities or aspirations

  • Members may serve on the junior board until graduation from high school, at which time they will have the opportunity to be voted on as a full member of the board should they so desire. 

  • Junior board members will be subject to all the rules of standard board members with the exception of the requirement for dues.


To join or get more information, please email us! We would love to talk with you about joining the Junior Board.

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Thank you for reaching out!

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